Can a Plumber Fix My Central Heating?

To many homeowners, the inner workings of their central heating systems are a total mystery and more so when something goes wrong. It’s common for central heating systems to malfunction, and especially in early fall when they’ve been turned back on after a long period of warm weather.

Ideally, it’s a good idea to turn on your central heating regularly throughout the warmer months to ensure it works properly. But if a problem does arise, don’t worry. Many central heating issues are rather easy to fix yourself. And if you can’t fix a simple problem, there are heating engineers who can help you out.

You may be wondering if your local plumber can work on your central heating system. It’s perfectly fine to hire your plumber for this type of work if he/she is Gas Safe Registered.

The single most important thing to ensure when hiring someone to work on your central heating is that they’re experienced with gas repair, maintenance and handling projects. No plumber in the UK who is not on the Gas Registar is allowed by law to work on gas heating systems. If your favourite plumber is Gas registered, you can rest assured that they have the skills, qualification, and registration needed to carry out the work you require.

Problems a Gas Safe Registered Plumber Can Help With

There are some common central heating system problems any Gas Safe registered plumber aka heating engineer can help with including:

Cold Radiators

If the radiators in your home are cold all over, you should first check to see that your thermostat is set between 17 and 20 degrees. Then if the radiators still won’t warm up, check the heating fuse. Otherwise, your problem could lie with the pump that forces hot water down the flow pipe to the radiators.

If you can’t get your radiators to kick out heat, call your Gas Safe registered plumber for help. When the heating engineer arrives, he/she will find the root of the problem and fix it, regardless if it’s a faulty pump or a malfunctioning boiler.

A Boiler Making Odd Noises

When your boiler starts making odd noises, it could be clogged with sludge. Or, water could be getting into your feed and expansion tank. Either way, you need the help of a heating engineer. When the tradesman arrives, he/she will inspect the boiler and provide you with the service or repair you need.

A Heating System Loses Pressure

A heating engineer can help if your central heating has lost pressure. It’s possible that the system needs to be topped up with water. Or perhaps there’s a leak somewhere. Regardless of what is causing the loss of pressure, your heating engineer can find the problem and solve it.

A Boiler That Turns Itself Off

If your boiler is randomly turning itself off, the pump may be broken or leaking or perhaps the boiler is losing pressure. Leave any boiler work to the experts. Call your local Heat Safe registered plumber for help. Your plumber/heating engineer will inspect the boiler to identify the problem and fix what’s wrong.